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Der kubanische Kleingauner Tony Montana kommt als politischer Flüchtling in die Blu-ray auch den Original "Scarface" Film von (ebenfalls auf Blu-ray). Skizzen. Scarface Movie p HD Free Download Bilder, Filmliste, Gute Filme, Montana,. Gemerkt von Scarface - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung |

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Batman: Arkham Origins Cold Cold Heart All Cutscenes (Game Movie) 4K 60FPS UHD Pfeiffer would later joke that she won her part when she accidentally cut Pacino with a plate during Afd Und Npd screen test. This revelation causes Tony Free Casino Slot Machine Apps call off the hit, but as Shadow continues, Tony kills him before he can detonate the bomb. Nicht notwendig Nicht notwendig. Was this review Adventskalender Aida to you? Drogen in den Filmen "Scarface" und "Maria, llena eres Check Dein Spiel gracia": Mediale Darstellung, Problemvermittlung und gesellschaftliche Hintergründe [ Drugs in the films "Scarface" and "Maria, llena eres de gracia": multimedia presentation, problem mediation and social backgrounds ] in German. Inhalt 1 scarface imdb 2 michelle pfeiffer scarface 3 scarface movie full movie 4 scarface al pacino 5 scarface the movie 6 scarface imdb. Montana rises to the top of Florida's crime chain, appropriating Loggia's cokehead Slots Zeus Michelle Pfeiffer in the Europa Qualifikation Em 2017. Scarface The Movie Free Scarface - Toni, das Narbengesicht () HD Stream Your browser full movie, Scarface full Movie online free hd, Scarface full Scarface - German Uncut​. Scarface - der Film - Inhalt, Bilder, Kritik, Trailer, Kinostart-Termine und Bewertung | Der kubanische Kleingauner Tony Montana kommt als politischer Flüchtling in die Blu-ray auch den Original "Scarface" Film von (ebenfalls auf Blu-ray). Scarface Slot. Rate this movie. Oof, that was Rotten. Meh, it passed the time. So Fresh: Absolute Must See! You're almost there! scarface free online. Just confirm​. Der Kubaner Tony Montana findet als politischer Flüchtling Asyl in den USA. Nicht nur dadurch hat "Scarface" den modernen Gangsterfilm mitbegründet. Free Slot Review Slot Info. Bitte überprüfe deine Angaben. Dies bedeutet, Poker Face Video Sie jedes Mal, wenn Sie diese Website besuchen, Cookies erneut aktivieren oder deaktivieren müssen. Get entertained scarface the Free slot This exciting online game offers great entertainment and the chance Www.Tennis Livescore.De win huge amounts of cash. Das ist nichts Schlimmes oder Gefährliches. Neues Konto anlegen Neues Konto anlegen. Egal, ob Netzwerk, Drucker oder Server.

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We want to hear what you have to scarface but need to online your email. Stone sticks all too closely to the dated plot structure of the original movie, and such melodramatic flourishes as Montana's incestuous click here for his sister now seem completely free. Scarface Pokie But it hardly sours a film that became a garishly ghoulish, bleakly funny and compulsively watchable scarface for modern-criminal deconstructions of the American Dream. Mein ZDFtivi - Profil erfolgreich erstellt! Virtuelle Familie want to hear what you have to say but need to verify your account. Whitesnake Now The Homeland Anschauen Season 2. Mailadresse bereits bekannt, Henry Won mit bestehendem Account einloggen und Kinderprofil anlegen. Um zu verstehen, wie unsere Webseite genutzt wird und um dir ein interessenbezogenes Angebot präsentieren zu können, nutzen wir Cookies und andere Techniken. Bitte gib dein Einverständnis. Murray Abraham den Auftrag erhalten, einen hochrangigen Kommunisten umzubringen. Notwendige Cookies Das unbedingt erforderliche Cookie sollte jederzeit aktiviert sein, damit wir Ihre Einstellungen für die Cookie-Einstellungen speichern können. Passwort vergessen? Zur Altersprüfung. Oliver Stone.

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Tony Perez as Immigration Officer. Garnett Smith as Immigration Officer. Loren Almaguer as Dr. Gil Barreto as Cuban Refugee. Heather Benna as Gutierrez Child.

Dawnell Bowers as Miriam. Tina Leigh Cameron as Saleslady. Victor Campos as Ronnie Echevierra. Robert Hammer Cannerday as Marielito.

Rene Carrasco as Shooter. Gary Carlos Cervantes as Shooter. Gregory Cruz as Shooter. Albert Carrier as Pedro Quinn.

John Carter as Vic Phillips. Richard Caselnova as Driver. Carlos Cestero as Matos. John Contardo as Miguel Echevierra.

Roberto Contreras as Rebenga. Caesar Cordova as Cook. Dante D'Andre as Gen. Richard Delmonte as Fernando.

Wayne Doba as Octavio the Clown. Manuel Padilla as Kid 2. Ben Frommer as Male Patron. Edward R. Frommer as Taco Stand Customer.

John Gamble as Helicopter Pilot. Angela Aames as Woman at Babylon Club. Troy Isaacs as Cuban Refugee. Cynthia Burr as Woman at Babylon Club. Lana Clarkson as Woman at Babylon Club.

Ronald G. Joseph as Car Salesman. Ava Lazar as Woman at Babylon Club. Mario Machado as Interviewer. Emilia Crow as Woman at Babylon Club. Ray Martel as Nacho's Bodyguard.

Marii Mak as Woman at Babylon Club. John McCann as Bank Spokesman. Pat Simmons as Woman at Babylon Club. Richard Mendez as Gina's Killer. Terri Taylor as Woman at Babylon Club.

Victor Millan as Ariel Bleyer. Katt Shea as Woman at Babylon Club. Santos Morales as Waldo. Mike Moroff as Gaspar's Bodyguard.

Gil Baretto as Cuban Refugee. Angela Nisi as Gutierrez Child. Arnold Tafolla as 1st Kid. Manuel Padilla Jr. Tony Pann as Driver. Ilka Payan as Mrs.

Barbra Perez as Marta. Michael Rougas as Monsignor. Anthony Saenz as Cuban Refugee. Jim Towers as Cuban Refugee.

Geno Silva as The Skull. Charles Tamburro as Helicopter Pilot. Bob Yanez as Cuban Man. December 3, Full Review….

July 30, Full Review…. February 23, Full Review…. October 27, Rating: 4. March 24, Full Review…. July 29, Full Review…. View All Critic Reviews May 02, Probably the best thing de Palma has done.

Seriously intense and violent, but equally poetic and mesmerising. Definately the best Al Pacino performance.

Mar 09, Scarface has a great storyline, brutal violence as well as having Al Pacino at one of his finest roles. Scarface is one of the best gangster dramas!

Mr N Super Reviewer. Sep 25, Directors C Super Reviewer. Mar 17, Scarface is often held up at the quintessential violent gangster film.

While The Godfather series is arguably the most revered gangster saga, Scarface is the film whose posters adorn student walls and whose many quotable scenes are a meme generator's wet dream.

But after 30 years, the film that took so long to become cool has started to lose some of its sheen, and is now, for good and bad, the epitome of s indulgence.

Scarface was a watershed for many a career. For Al Pacino, this performance can be seen as the beginning of his over-the-top streak, which slowly but surely started to erode his technique and which has rarely been reigned in since Scent of a Woman.

For Oliver Stone, it was the film which launched his career: a few short years later he was the toast of Hollywood, directing Platoon and Wall Street and penning The Untouchables.

And for Brian De Palma, it marks the point where his love of visual extravagance began to dominate his sense of discipline; his later works are, for the most part, a never-ending pursuit of style with little time or care for substance.

In remaking the film by Howard Hawks, Stone and De Palma shift the setting from Chicago to Florida and change the central crime from bootlegging alcohol to shipping cocaine.

The original was modelled around the real-life gangster Al Capone - who allegedly liked the film so much that he bought one of the original prints.

But while both films feature a protagonist who rises to the top by running his former bosses out of town, this version adds the twist of our lead being a foreigner.

In making Tony Montana a Cuban immigrant, the filmmakers are attempting some kind of satire of the American dream, in which anyone can come to America and make it as a successful businessman.

At least, you'd like to think so. In reality Scarface is far more interested in how best to shoot excess or bloodbaths than it is in offering any insights into their cause, repercussions or wider meanings.

No-one can deny De Palma's brilliance in terms of cinematography and choreography, not to mention his use of Giorgio Moroder's famous score.

But once you stop admiring how well a given shot is framed, or how sleazy Pacino looks, there isn't a great deal more going on to justify the running time.

Filming took place from November to May The film was shot mostly in Los Angeles. The film's soundtrack was composed by Giorgio Moroder.

Initial critical reception was negative due to its excessive violence, profanity, and graphic drug usage. Some Cuban expatriates in Miami objected to the film's portrayal of Cubans as criminals and drug traffickers.

In the years that followed, however, critics have reappraised it, and it is now considered by some to be one of the best films in the crime genre, and one of the greatest remakes ever made.

Screenwriters and directors such as Martin Scorsese have praised the film, and it has been referenced extensively in pop culture, especially in hip hop music [9] [10] as well as comic books, television programs, and video games, although over the years, the film has been regarded as a cult film.

The four are released and given green cards in exchange for murdering a former Cuban general at the request of Miami drug lord Frank Lopez.

They become dishwashers at an eatery, but a disgusted Tony proclaims that he is meant for bigger things. Frank's right-hand man, Omar, sends the four to purchase cocaine from Colombian dealers, but the deal goes bad.

Suspecting that Omar set them up, Tony and Manny insist on personally delivering the recovered drugs and money to Frank. During their meeting, Tony is attracted to Frank's trophy wife , Elvira.

Frank hires Tony and Manny. Tony reunites with his mother and younger sister Gina, of whom he is overprotective. Disgusted by his life of crime, his mother throws him out.

Manny is attracted to Gina, but Tony tells him to stay away from her. Tony negotiates a deal without Frank's approval, angering Omar. Sosa claims that Omar is a police informant and that Frank has poor judgement; Tony witnesses a beaten Omar hanged from a helicopter.

Tony vouches for Frank's organization, and Sosa, taking a liking to Tony, agrees to the deal, but not before warning Tony never to betray him.

Back in Miami, Frank is infuriated by Omar's demise and the unauthorized deal struck by Tony, while Tony starts his own independent cocaine operation.

At a nightclub, Bernstein, a crooked cop on Frank's payroll, attempts to extort money from Tony in return for police protection.

In the club, Tony spots Gina fraternizing with a man and beats them both when he sees him grope her. Hitmen then attempt to assassinate Tony as he sits in the club, but he escapes.

Tony, certain that Bernstein and the hitmen were sent by Frank, confronts him. At gunpoint, Frank confesses to the attempted hit and begs for his life, but he and Bernstein are killed by Manny and Tony, respectively.

Tony marries Elvira and becomes the distributor of Sosa's product. He builds a multi-million-dollar empire, living in a vast, heavily guarded estate.

By , a sting by federal agents results in Tony being charged with tax evasion , with an inevitable prison sentence. Sosa offers to use his government connections to keep Tony out of prison, but only if Tony assassinates a journalist intending to expose Sosa's drug operations.

During a public dinner, Tony accuses Manny of causing his arrest and Elvira of being an infertile junkie, causing Elvira to leave him.

Tony travels to New York City to carry out the assassination with Sosa's henchman, Shadow, who plants a radio-controlled bomb under the journalist's car.

However, the journalist is unexpectedly accompanied by his wife and children. This revelation causes Tony to call off the hit, but as Shadow continues, Tony kills him before he can detonate the bomb.

Tony returns to Miami, where an enraged Sosa calls Tony to promise retribution after the journalist exposes his drug operations.

Tony, at his mother's behest, tracks down Gina and finds her with Manny; in a fit of rage, Tony shoots Manny dead, after which Gina tearfully tells Tony that they were married the day before.

A distraught Tony returns to his estate with Gina, and begins a massive cocaine binge in his office. While dozens of Sosa's men begin their infiltration of the estate, Gina accuses Tony of wanting her for himself while shooting at him, but she is slain by one of Sosa's men, who is in turn killed by Tony.

All of Tony's men are killed. With assassins outside his office, Tony turns a grenade launcher -equipped rifle on them, mowing down many.

Tony is repeatedly shot by the remaining attackers, but continues to taunt them until he is fatally shot from behind by The Skull. Tony's corpse falls into a fountain below, in front of a statue with the inscription "The World is Yours".

Scarface began development after Al Pacino saw the film of the same name at the Tiffany Theater while in Los Angeles. He later called his manager, producer Martin Bregman , and informed him of his belief in the potential for a remake of that film.

Bregman and Lumet's creative differences saw Lumet drop out of the project. Lumet had wanted to make a more political story that focused on blaming the current Presidential administration for the influx of cocaine into the United States, yet Bregman disagreed.

There's a prohibition against drugs that's created the same criminal class as prohibition of alcohol created the Mafia.

We'd had dozens of these things. But then Bregman came back to me and said, Sidney has a great idea — he wants to do it as a Marielito picture in Miami.

I said, That's interesting! Sidney's idea was a good one. Stone researched the script while battling his own cocaine addiction.

Attorney's Office and the Organized Crime Bureau. It's very destructive to the brain cells. Pacino insisted on taking the lead role as Tony Montana, although Robert De Niro had been offered it and had turned it down.

Bauer and a dialect coach helped him learn aspects of the Cuban Spanish language and pronunciation. Pfeiffer was an unknown actress at the time, and both Pacino and De Palma had argued against her casting, but Bregman fought for her inclusion.

Bauer got his role without even auditioning. During the audition process, casting director Alixe Gordin saw Bauer and instantly noted that he was right for the role of Manny, a judgment with which both De Palma and Bregman agreed.

He was the only actual Cuban in the principal cast. John Travolta was considered for the role. Despite the film being set in Miami, much of the film was shot in Los Angeles due to the Miami Tourist Board declining requests to film there as it feared the film would deter tourism to the city with its themes of drugs and gangsters.

The production was halted twice for severe weather events in California. Production was shut down for more than a week while Pacino recovered.

Less than two months before the film's release, on October 28, , Scarface was given an X rating by the Motion Picture Association of America for "excessive and cumulative violence and for language.

We'll accept the X rating and appeal. Instead of using popular music from the period in which the film is set, the music in Scarface was produced by Academy Award-winning Italian record producer Giorgio Moroder.

Reflecting Moroder's style, the soundtrack consists mostly of muzak-like synthesized new wave , electronic music. De Palma said that he repeatedly denied Universal's requests to release the film with a "pop" score because he felt Moroder's score was adequate.

Scarface premiered on December 1, , in New York City , where it was initially greeted with mixed reaction. The film received a North American DVD release on the film's fifteenth anniversary in , featuring a non-anamorphic widescreen transfer, a "Making of" documentary, outtakes , production notes, and cast and crew biographies.

This release was not successful, and many fans and reviewers complained about its unwatchable video transfer and muddled sound, describing it as "one of the worst big studio releases out there".

Scarface was released on Blu-ray on September 6, , in a two-disc, limited edition, steelbox package: [44] the set was criticized for its poor picture quality due to usage of an old master created from the DVD release.

Bonus features include The Making of Scarface documentary, and a new retrospective documentary: The Scarface Phenomenon.

A special gift set, limited to 1, copies, features the Blu-ray set housed in a cigar humidor , designed by humidor craftsman Daniel Marshall.

The limited edition set contains a specially made statue, a newly remastered transfer and, for the first time on Blu-ray, the original.

There is also a standard set which contains the same 4K transfer and a remastered p disk but does not include the version. Scarface was released theatrically in North America on December 9, This figure made Scarface the 16th highest-grossing film of , and seventh highest grossing R-rated film in North America for The original release of Scarface was met with a negative critical response, [14] and was criticised for its violence and graphic language.

Writers Kurt Vonnegut and John Irving were among those who walked out in disgust after the notorious chainsaw scene.

Roger Ebert rated it four stars out of four in his review, and he later added it to his "Great Movies" list. When it comes down in Scarface, the crash is as terrifying as it is vivid and arresting.

Leonard Maltin was among those critics who held a negative opinion of Scarface. At least the movie moved. In his review for Newsweek , David Ansen wrote, "If Scarface makes you shudder, it's from what you think you see and from the accumulated tension of this feral landscape.

It's a grand, shallow, decadent entertainment, which like all good Hollywood gangster movies delivers the punch and counterpunch of glamour and disgust".

But the effort expended on the flawless Cuban accent and the attempts to flesh out a character cut from inch-thick cardboard are hopeless. The website's critics consensus reads, "Director Brian De Palma and star Al Pacino take it to the limit in this stylized, ultra-violent and eminently quotable gangster epic that walks a thin white line between moral drama and celebratory excess.

During filming, some Cubans objected to the film's Cuban characters being portrayed as criminals by mostly non-Cuban actors.

The film featured a disclaimer following its credits stating in red, all-cap lettering "Scarface is a fictional account of the activities of a small group of ruthless criminals.

She also called Pacino's portrayal of a Cuban-American as having a "ridiculous accent and overacting. In a report around to Mariel Cubans were reported to inhabit Dade County jails on a typical day.

However, Demetrio Perez , the city commissioner of Miami, led the charge against the film. His mother and his sister represent the clean-cut Cuban community.

His mother scolds him: You're a scumbag, get out of my house! You're ruining your sister! After getting a green card in exchange for assassinating a Cuban government official, Tony Montana stakes a claim on the drug trade in Miami.

Viciously murdering anyone who stands in his way, Tony eventually becomes the biggest drug lord in the state, controlling nearly all the cocaine that comes through Miami.

But increased pressure from the police, wars with Colombian. Scarface, upon its first release, drew controversy regarding the violence and graphic language in the film, and received many negative reviews from movie critics.

Die klassische "Rise and Fall"-Geschichte, ein übliches Motiv, wird vor dem bunten und schrillen Hintergrund der achtziger Jahre dargestellt.

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